Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate,
 Vanilla  and Premium Cappuccino.

Shmoo is the UK’s No1 milkshake package because we have focused on milkshakes since 1996. This, and the strawberry flavoured blood running through our veins, has enabled us to create...


It’s a WOW looking drink in a WOW looking cup. It gets noticed on the street and your business gets noticed also. Branding sells!

FREE Disposables

Those great cups we were talking about are FREE, so are the domed lids and straws!  Buy a tub of Shmoo mix and get all your disposables  FREE!

Unique Mix in Cup System

No wastage of Shmoo at all, no washing up and much time is saved when mixing a Shmoo directly into the customers cup, ‘It’s easy and quick to mix a Shmoo!

Commercial Quality Machine

So many advantages from such a small machine (18cm dia. x 48cm tall): looks great, very quiet, negligible running costs, a doddle to clean, no maintenance and 3 years guarantee.

Guilt Free Pleasure

We’ve tried our best to keep Shmoo as clean as possible. 

 Low Fat*

 Source of Calcium**

 Suitable for Vegetarians* 

 No artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives*

…Oh and it tastes great!

* When mixed to our instructions using semi-skimmed milk.  Does not apply to toppings (serving suggestion) ** Excluding Chocolate flavour

Free Delivery

Within 3 working days, your order will be with you at no extra cost!

It’s so Thick!

Mix with cold semi-skimmed milk for a thick ice-cream textured shake, no need to add ice cream but you can if you want.  It’s so thick you can mix two, or more, flavours and pour them together to make a Shmooch.