Iglooh Designer Milkshake

So you want to be creative and inventive, then you need a blank canvas to which you can add your own inspirational ingredients. Iglooh allows you to do just that. Mix or blend it to give a flavourless and colourless base product into which you can add many products to create a bespoke speciality drink.

Using Our Shmoo Mixer

Thick Milkshake and Ice Cream Textured Shakes...
and then add flavourings as you wish!

Use our mix in cup sytem. Add milk into the cup and add one scoop of Iglooh ingredients plus anything else you wish and mix!

Using a Commercial Blender

Coffee Frappes, Fruit Smoothies, Thickshakes with confectionery inclusions.

Add Iglooh, milk and/or ice, and/or ice cream into a blender and anything else you wish.

Iglooh is available in 2kg tubs.