To help you enhance your milkshake offer, we stock a range of ancillaries.

4 Cup Carry Trays

Boxed in 100’s, these help with customers who run out of hands. Flat packed to aid storage, these quality carry trays fit Shmoo cups snugly and can be easily carried. The 4 cup splits into 2 for added convenience, hence a 4 cup and 2 cup in one!

Stainless Steel Beaker

To mix the Cappuccino Cool or Shmoo for serving in glasses, you’ll need a beaker to mix it.

Stainless Steel Canister

If our tubs of milkshake mix are too bulky for your front of house operations, store the mix in these handy canisters. They take up less space and enhance the image of your business.

Cup Dispensers

These top of the range cup dispensers fit both our 12oz and 20oz Shmoo cups. Internally sprung, they can be fitted as ‘drop down’ or ‘pop up’, and can even be fitted sideways depending on the space available.


Enquire about our range of straws available. Our straws are currently made from polypropylene which can be disposed of in plastic recycling bins.  However our goal is to replace these with a paper alternative during 2018 which is more environmentally friendly.