Customer Comments

Below is a sample of comments from our customers.

National Gym Chain Café, Merseyside (2018)

“Shmoo is a fantastic milkshake concept. We blend our own protein thick shakes with fruit using Iglooh as the base. It’s very popular with our customers, even in the Winter!

Secondary School, Walsall (2018)

“The pupils love Shmoo - it’s easy to make and there’s no mess to clear up.”

Garden Centre Restaurant, Cornwall (2017)

“Shmoo's are great because they are so easy to mix, produce no washing up and I have the convenience of disposable cups, lids and straws being supplied free every time I order.”

Book Store Café, Edinburgh (2017)

“Our iced cappuccino Shmoos are selling very well even though it has gone colder, can’t believe how many are being sold for the time of year.”