About Us

Way back in 1996, a father and his young son walked into a Birmingham café to order a milkshake. The café assistant poured lukewarm milk into a glass, added strawberry syrup and stirred the thin mixture with a fork. One sip and a disappointed look from the son and the father asked for a refund.

Talking with his friend a week later he lamented his experience saying: "You know you can't get a decent milkshake in the UK". His friend couldn’t agree more and so they set off on a quest to offer caterers a truly authentic thickshake concept. Focusing on ease of use and consistency in milkshake preparation they founded ‘Fresh Shakes’ vowing to revolutionise the UK milkshake market.

In 2010 Fresh Shakes was re-branded to Shmoo, creating the premier foodservice milkshake package available to UK caterers - contemporary clear branded disposable cups with domed lids, fun toppings, authentic iced cappuccinos, and designer milkshakes. All of which can be made with the same easy to use commercial mixer.

In 2018 Shmoo found a new home with Aimia Foods, who utilise their extensive experience across the foodservice sector leading the brand forward in the UK and abroad.

Shmoo still embodies the goals that the two friends’ set out to achieve - THICKSHAKE PERFECTION - whilst having a robust platform for growth and future innovation.